Case Monfol

Your private refuge, a Chalet surrounded by nature, divided into 4 units of value.

Living rooms with fireplace, stylish bedrooms, bathrooms with shower or bath, modern kitchens, natural materials and plenty of space to relax outside and inside the apartments.

The view of the valley is simply extraordinary.

All apartments are fully covered by the free WIFI network.

During the winter season you can buy Ski Pass directly from us

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The history of Monfol

In 1714 a farmer named Bartolomeo, who lived in a hamlet near Oulx, in the very first days of May, had a vision in which an angel of the Lord forced him to retire in prayer and live as a hermit in total silence and contemplation.
The holy man, fervent religious, the same day, greeted his wife, covered by a sheepskin and with “Babette”, a dwarf goat in tow, went up here and built a shelter of stone and wood. He spent most of his time praying to the Lord, feeding exclusively on his goat’s milk, berries, mushrooms and a few other things. Towards the end of the summer he was malnourished, dirty and melancholy, but, obstinate, he continued to pray and make his sacrifice.
The legend of “Mon Fol”.
The wife, not seeing him ever return home, twice a week took the habit of climbing the path that led to his hermit with a reserve of food supplies. To the people who saw her taking the path asking where she was going, she replied: < vo da mon fol> which in the local dialect means <I’m going to that fool>.

So, since 1714, this small village took the name of “Monfol” and the old people who pass the legend to their grandchildren tell that the “crazy hermit” lived for many years always covered by sheepskin, alone and with his goat in tow.

Later the refuge of wood and stones of the hermit was expanded and here is the current hut, and a few meters further downstream, where the man kneeling prayed, was erected a small church dedicated to San Bartolomeo.


The small chapel dedicated to Saint Bartolomeo faces directly on the rock spur on Saint Bartolomeo in August with an impressive view of the bifurcation of the valleys of Bardonecchia and Cesana.

Every year around August 24 (according to the availability of the parish priest of Oulx) is celebrated the patronal feast, a very religious event, in which you can attend the blessing of homemade bread, distributed during communion.

Altarpiece of Saint Bartolomeo

The altar of the church is mentioned in some military documents of the ‘700, but it is not possible to date at the time of its construction.

Over the centuries it has not undergone substantial changes, except those related to its progressive decay and the invasion of herbs and humidity: for this reason, in the ’80s, the visitors of the village and some of its inhabitants have given rise to a subscription that has allowed a conservative restoration.


The Chalet preserves the characteristic mountain aspect and is immersed in the green of the Gran Bosco Natural Park. It is located in a position of absolute tranquility and is suitable for families, couples and friends who want to spend moments of relax, away from the daily routine, rediscovering the contact with nature. In some periods it is possible to sight deer and fawns.
The trails in the woods that start from the Chalet are numerous and provide different times and difficulties.
The Sauze d’Oulx ski centre is just a 5-minute drive away. From here you can access the area of the Via Lattea and you can practice many winter and summer sports, find restaurants, bars and fun.
During the summer Monfol is connected to Sauze d’Oulx by a free shuttle.



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